About Us



S.C. ITAL GRANITI SRL was founded in 2005 and its activity is represented by cutting, finishing and trimming marble, granite and quarts. Our services include the production of countertops of any dimension, at our customers’ request. Our company provides free shipping for up to 50 kilometers away from the headquarters. Cutting and processing the marble are included in the purchase price. The marble, granite and travertine products offered by our company are:


  • Funerary monuments made out of marble and granite
  • Granite floors
  • Marble, granite, travertine and natural stone plates for interior stairs
  • Granite countertops for kitchen tables
  • Quartz countertops for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Granite or marble windowsills
  • Granite-coated fireplaces

            We possess the required technology and machines, spaces for storage and processing workshops that are concordant with the EU standards. Our offer incorporates a complex variety of products and services and is able to respond to different requests. We are open to new collaborations through which we can ensure you of our earnestness and promptitude.

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