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FuThe company activates since 2005 as a firm specialized in processing Granite and quartz, marble and semiprecious rocks in order to obtain Floors, plinths for kitchens and bathrooms, windowsills and fireplaces.The products that end up to the client are processed. We possess The required technology and machines, spaces for storage and processing Workshops that are concordant with the EU standards.


We provide a photo gallery which contains frames with some of our finite Products that have already found their hosts, so you can take an informed Decision when you choose a certain aesthetic, as well as a number of photos.That reveal the technical process through which rough granite and marble.Are transformed in the products that you can find in our catalogue. You can see the ItalGraniti headquarters in the same gallery.

Our offer incorporates a complex variety of products and services and is able To respond to different requests. We are open to new collaborations through Which we can ensure you of our earnestness and promptitude.


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