Products and promotions meant to last


Products and promotions meant to last  –S.C. ITAL GRANITI S.R.L.

S.C. ITAL GRANITI S.R.L. functions since 2005 as a firm specialized in processing granite and quartz, marble and semiprecious rocks in order to obtain floorings, countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, windowsills and fireplaces. The products that end up to the clients are already processed.

For a collaboration as good as possible, we do have the following logistic offers, meant to solidify the relationship with our clients

 – Shipping is free of cost in the case in which the order meets certain criteria regarding the value of the purchase and the distance that has to be covered. The details of shipping are given when the customer contacts us.

– The shipping period – it depends on the order, but one thing is certain: as fast as possible. An order is accomplished two weeks from the moment it has been placed, period in which the material is transported at our company + the processing.


Address: Rădăuți – Podul Vlădichii (at the entrance to Rădăuți, on the left as you come from Suceava).

Phone number: 0230 558 846

Mobile: 0752/ 303. 992



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